Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Saturday, October 16, 2021

06-20-18 Article

Noah Detar as Moses gave the children a lesson on "The Ten Commandments"- rules for the game of life.
Ryan Andersen was the recipient of the Lee Wiedrich Memorial scholarship for 2018.  Shown with donor Joyce Wiedrich.
Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

We had a busy week at church.  Ryan Andersen is a student at FLCC in Natural Resource Conservation, finishing his first year.  He has excelled in his grades and performance.  Ryan also has been a life-long member at BPUMC, helping as a worship leader, helping with various church dinners, the Crop Walk, Turkey Walk, and other projects.  All the best from your church family,  Ryan, as you continue with your studies.

The beautiful vase of pastel flowers adorning the church today were from the memorial service for our sister in Christ, Ruth Miller.  Pastor Sandi gave the special service, followed by a luncheon catered by the family.

We are starting our study of the Ten Commandments.  Noah Detar, as Moses, spoke to the children about the significance of the commandments, providing boundaries and rules for the game, as in baseball or football, so everyone is on the same field.  The commandments are not suggestions, but rules.

Pastor Sandi followed, discussing three of the commandments.  The first concerns loving your God.  This comes above loving your house, car, or money.  The second concerns not to have a false idol, somewhat mimicking the first commandment.  Pastor Sandi continued on the third commandment of loving your neighbor.  She related a story of a farmer who always had prize winning corn, and shared his seed with his neighbors.  He explained if they had inferior seed, their corn would pollinate his corn, making inferior corn.  One helps himself by helping his neighbor.  Pastor Sandi continued with the commandment of keeping the Sabbath.  We are not going back to when stores were all closed on Sunday, but rather honoring traditions and taking time a day each week to rest and be in communication with God.

The children continue with the month long sessions with their mentors after church.  This Sunday, Eric Detar shared a Hebrew scroll of the Book of Esther.  He showed the children the scroll, and how it was written, sharing that not many others get to see this wonderful and cherished scroll.