Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, October 25, 2020

07-04-18 Article

Dana and Helen Schillinger pose at Keuka College after Dana received the prestigious Norton- Blyley Presidential Medallion.
Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich
Pastor Sandi had one of the children read the book "Peanut Butter and Jelly" during Children's Time.  This was to show the children that even the character Crabby in the book could learn to  be nice, and that all of them should love their neighbors. The grade school children are finishing up their 4-week mentorship sessions, and soon will be awarded their junior bibles in church.

The adult sermon paralleled the theme of being neighborly.  Pastor Sandi told us that we had a choice in life to either be nice or be mean and rotten.  God wants us to build relationships and love our neighbors.   In doing this, we should not covet our  neighbors house or neighbors spouse.  We should be examples with  kindness, grace, mercy and joy.  Pastor Sandi has used the month of June to give us a series of reflections on the Ten Commandments.

The annual community church service will be on August 12th.  Mark your calendars.  More information to follow!

The PPR committee handed out a brief questionnaire to members to look at where we stand with ministry and programs at the church.  Bill Sutherland and John Prinzivalli explained the format and asked that they be returned by July 12th.  Responses should be honest, and will be kept anonymous by the committee.  This will help guide future directions of our church ministry.  If you read this,  and have not received a survey please contact Bill, John, or Pastor Sandi so you can complete this by July 12th.

One of our church members recently received the prestigious Norton-Blyley Presidential Medallion from Keuka College on June 22nd at their board of trustees meeting.  Past Keuka president Arthur Norton and Katherine Blyley were honored at the college with the creation of the medallion nearly 30 years ago.  The first award was presented in 1990, and it has only been awarded 7 times in its history.

Dana has served at Keuka College on their board of trustees for 15 years and was vice chairman for three years.  He was actively involved at the college athletic department, academic affairs and the president's circle committee.  He still serves as trustee emeritus and the building and grounds sub-committee, as well as "Friends of the Lightner Library".  Dana and Helen have been active members of the BPUMC for 25 years, where among other duties, Dana has served as a trustee and been on the finance committee.

Congratulations Dana,  from all of your friends at BPUMC on all of your accomplishments and its  recognition by this wonderful award.