Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

07-11-18 Article

Harrison Fitch, Miley Andersen, Cady Brady and Matthew Sorensen.

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

On this sultry 4th of July weekend Sunday, six youth of our congregation received their youth Bibles.  This followed 4 weeks of study about the books of the Bible, guided by their adult mentors.  The kids each had a message to the adult church members, and a message from their mentors. Congratulations to Miley Andersen, Cady Brady, Harrison Fitch, Jaylyn Willson, Christopher Badamy and Matthew Sorensen.  Jaylyn and Christopher were at camp, and will receive their Bibles at a later date.  The children were very excited and enjoyed cake and ice cream fellowship following the service.

Remember last year when the kids made cardboard cars and we all watched a movie later, with the kids sitting in their cars?  This year the kids will be making boats on Saturday July 21st.  Let Pastor Sandi know if you want to make a boat!

Starting next Sunday we will start our "Operation Shoebox" mission. We have put together 50 shoeboxes filled with small toys and personal care items for the past several years for one of our World Ministry projects.