Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Dandelion SEEDS - July 2015


Dandelion SEEDSJuly



We are all sort of like dandelions when the wind blows the seeds go everywhere

When we help others we plant good seeds with love and care


We never know the direction our seeds will blow

That may help someone we don't even know


Other times we may not plant the right seeds

Those actions begin to grow a lot of weeds


Then those bad weeds begin to multiply

Then a lot of cultivating needs to be done for the weeds to die


If we sow positive seeds soon they will flourish and bear a mighty tree

That will stand tall and strong for others to see


If we are not sure which direction we want the seed to grow

Then the seed won't have anchors very deep and will ebb and flow


The seed will scatter and alone they won't grow very strong

In times of peril and storms they won't know where they really belong


We need to plant our seeds so the roots will grow really deep

So in hard times we can give them to God for him to keep


We are like dandelions whose beautiful flowers turn to lots of seeds before they die

The wind takes them in all directions as they begin to fly


We all hope we have planted a lot of good seeds

In the hearts of friends and love ones that will sustain their needs


God in his wisdom gave to us many different seeds to be cultivated to live on

That will be instilled in future generations long after we are gone


So as we leave behind our seeds for others to tend

We hope they will always remember the direction of the wind


Blanche Fingar

July 2015