Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Life Teaches Us A Lesson - June 2017

Life Teaches Us A Lesson

WE all have hills and mountains to climb
We have days of gloom and others that chime

We have days of anticipation that we face head on
We have other days that we are glad when it is gone

But if we could count everyday as a blessing
We would count our woes as one of life's lessons

Our country is such a gem and a beautiful place
All of it's glory we should embrace

We will always have obstacles as long as we live
But all of us have some sort of talent we could give

It is so hard to count bad things as a blessing
But sometimes hurt and disappointments is a part of life's lesson

We can't know how someone else feels if we are never hurt
Adversity make us strong and more alert

As we travel through life it is never very easy
Some days we sail smoothly and other days are dark and breezy

But with God as our pilot we will soar right along
Writing a new verse to an old song

Blanche Fingar
June 2017