Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Song In My Heart -June 2015

Song In My Heart

There is a song in my heart
God has walked with me from the start

When I think about my days
Looking back God was with me in so many ways

He was with me when I didn't know he was there
He still blessed me with his love and care

He walked with me through every storm
With joy and struggles I began to form

Each twinkle in my eye and line in my face
Has brought me along life's road to a different place

The bumps and smooth sailing molded me into the person I am today
I hope I have learned some of life's lessons along the way

Regardless of the shortcomings I have everyday
God still tries to nudge me the right way

I am so glad he gives me another chance
But tomorrow I will make more bad steps as I continue to dance

I will never be perfect as long as I live
But making my time count is all I have to give

I hope someday to be with god
Until then I hope I make a difference before I return to the sod

Blanche Fingar
June 2015