Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Time Flies Away - June 2015

Time Flies Away

Time has a way of slipping away
Before we realize it today becomes yesterday

We can not live our lives in the past
Those days are gone and we only have memories that last

We can look forward to the future but one never knows what lies ahead
The future is not ours to see as it is often said

We can only live in the moment that is now
Cherish each precious second that time will aloud

We can often plan our day
Just to see plans change in some way

We can schedule our agenda for the week
But don't often stick to the plan we seek

We can plan to get away for a month or so
But we can only live our moments as along we go

In this life we don't have time to waste
Enjoy special family and friends in all life's haste

We never know the number of our days
Our time God grants us we need to be thankful for in every way

Life is a series of adventures
Putting God first is our best clincher

Blanche Fingar