Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Joy or Despair - Sept 2015

Joy Or Despair

Some days go by really fast
Some days seem to last and last

When we are relaxing and having fun
It seems the day is over before it hardly begun

But there are days nothing seems to go right
We are all tense and uptight

We could fling something up against the wall
But if we have to clean it up it wouldn't help at all

Then it is time to go to bed
But decide to watch T.V. Instead

Then  the next morning it is time to get up
We are edgy, tired and abrupt

If we don't change this day will end the same way
As we ended the one yesterday

So our choice is to calm down
And take the time to look around

At the beautiful world that God carefully made
All of it's beauty is hard to evade

The world has so many wonders and beautiful places
Canyons, hills,butterflies,flowers and the smile on children's faces

We need to start each day with a happy heart
Take a look at our world and try to take a part

There are so many things that money can't buy
But are really where our happiness lie

Sharing and helping others is really where our happiness is stored
When we are active and loving we won't have time to get bored

We need to praise God for family,friends and health
Because in these things hold our most important wealth

We can choose despair or joy for our days
Joy brings happiness in so many different ways

Think today is the day that the Lord has made
If we walk with thankfulness our despair will soon fade 

Blanche Fingar
Sept. 2015