Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

08-29-18 Article

Pastor Sandi and Dave hosted a picnic at their home on August 18th.  The kids sat in the boats they made and watched a movie after dinner.

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich
On Sunday we had pet food collection Sunday.  Some people go hungry to make sure to have food for their cats and dogs.  We also had a special offering for people especially in Seneca County who suffered damage from recent floods.  This certainly reminds us of the devastation in Penn Yan from the floods over four years ago. 

Marguerite Miller and Chris Wyant have been helping people make bags for the luminaries for Hope Walk, for a small donation.  This walk was held on August 25th with all monies raised staying in Yates County to help cancer patients.

Pastor Sandi's message finished our month long study of Ruth.  She recapped how Naomi tried to get Ruth to go back to family after multiple deaths of men in the family.  When Ruth decided to stay with Naomi it affected generations of people to come, as she eventually married Boaz, and had their son Obed.  Thirty generations later down this genealogy line Jesus was born.  This makes us realize how much our life decisions matter.

We enjoyed a nice pass dish picnic at Pastor Sandi and Dave's recently.   There was a movie after dinner under the stars!

Stay safe- the last days of summer as kids ready for school.