Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

09-05-18 Article

Beckie Laumeier shared a meaningful message on "How far will you go to show the love of Jesus".  Thank you Beckie for your inspiration!

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich
Beckie Laumeier was our guest speaker today.  We are so lucky to have this pastor as a member of our congregation.  She spoke to the kids first about the disciples who traveled all over by foot to preach about Jesus.  She asked the kids when they return to school of how the other students will see Jesus living in you as you go back to your classes. 

We had a treat in that Bruce Westerdahl sang an anthem after the offertory.  Thank you, Bruce.  What a powerful song and voice.

The scripture was from Ephesians and Mark.  Pastor Beckie used this scripture in her sermon.  Beckie spoke of various mission trips, one to Redbird, rebuilding homes.  They went as children of God, helping others, not as Methodists. This was much the same as Paul preaching, to Gentiles and Jews, all of God's children.  How far will you go to spread the word- not to talk with other parishioners, but to go out of your comfort zone to those that don’t know the word of God.  What do you say to a stranger?  How do you shine God's love.

Beckie looked at things in her life- at housework, for example.  What difference will it make 100 years from now if the windows are washed or the rug was cleaned?  When God uses you to help others it causes a ripple effect.  This may carry on through the ages.  Thank you Beckie for such a thought provoking message.

A reminder that our next gathering to make dresses for children of Haiti will be September 22nd at church, beginning at 9a.  Bring a snack to share for lunch and your sewing machine.  Non-sewers are also needed to do some finishing touches to our little dresses.  Contact Deb Smith if questions.

Pastor Sandi and Dave will be leaving to visit their daughter Allie in the future.  They have a list of needed items to take Allie for her school children in Uganda. 

School is starting this week.  Watch for our kids as they walk to and from school.  Safety first!