Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Black or White - 2017


Black Or White



In any given situation nothing is ever entirely Black or White

It is how we perceive things that gives it a different insight


We always think of white as pure and clean

God and angels and the heavenly scene


We always think of black as evil and dark

And Satan trying hard to leave his mark


Black is the opposite of white and white is the opposite of black

But as things go opposites often attract


Times when we feel we are in a dark tunnel then we can see light

Then we have hope that everything will be alright


Other times the day seems merry and bright

Then something happens to dim the light


We can choose the dark side or follow the light, we have a choice

Choose the light and let the angels rejoice


God is our hope for the world and our light

He can make our darkest hour turn bright


God is the only one I know that can turn black into white

He can hang moonbeams into the darkest night


He is our savior for this black world

He knows how to wrap us in a white cover unfurled


Blanche Fingar 2017