Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

12-19-18 Article

Bruce and Nancy Westerdahl along with Barbara Bailey, Joyce Wiedrich and Joyce’s cousin  Dianne McNeil recently decorated and placed wreaths in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania as part of support for the Sgt MAC foundation.

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich
Bruce and Nancy Westerdahl grew up and met in Gettysburg.  They join friends and family annually, at this time of year, to decorate wreaths which are placed at the Gettysburg National Cemetery as at Quantico.

Pastor Sandi played a video in church as part of the tradition of telling the story.  Joseph was told by an angel in a dream that Mary was having God’s baby.  He was wondering what the baby would look like, and remained supportive of Mary. 

Mark your calendars for our family Christmas Eve service on 12/24 at 7:00 pm.