Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

03-13-19 Article

Noah Deter made us proud in starring in his school play at PYA “Tuck Everlasting”.  You go, Noah!

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

This past Sunday we were blessed to have Eric Detar preach on neighborliness and compassion.  He shared the story of Mr. Rogers with the children, and went on to base his adult sermon on scripture from Luke 10: 25-37.  He shared that we quickly say things without compassion.  He first shared some doctor jokes, where one might need some sensitivity training for poor bedside manner.  Peoples lives become broken and they need compassion.  He relates the story of the traveler, and tells of the three people who come upon the traveler that the one who was the neighbor is the only one who showed compassion.  God challenges us.  The scripture says to inherit eternal life we must love our neighbor as our-self and love God with all our heart.  Eric Detar shows that this is the best embodiment of what Jesus would want us to be.  Thank you Eric for your message.  If you are not at church for services, all of our pastoral sermons can be found on our website.

We hope you were able to go see “Tuck Everlasting”.  Our own Noah Detar starred in this amazing PYA performance.  Noah is a senior at PYA this year.

We are now into the Lenten season.  Babs Steinert passed out a brochure where we can collect an item every day during Lent for benefit of The Living Well.  John and Laurie Prinzivalli and friends helped put on our annual “Fat Tuesday” pancake supper at church.

Just a reminder that our Sunday services are at 10:00 am.  We have nursery time during church for children under 5 years, and Sunday School for school-aged children.  We have coffee hour after church and are handicapped accessible.  We also have a hearing loop for folks who have those difficulties.  We welcome visitors to join us!