Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Saturday, October 16, 2021

05-29-19 Article

Greetings from our BPUMC choir- always with a beautiful anthem to share with us!
Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

Just a reminder of the opportunity for kids to go to Casowasco camp this summer.  Scholarships are available. 

Pastor Sandi’s reflection this Sunday was to look at whether your checkbook or giving matches your theology.  All comes from God who had given us so much to share with others.  Pastor Sandi asked us to look at a coin, and reflect on the date.  What were you doing that year?  Think of your life then, your challenges, your age, your life and what car you have.  Look at how we respond in terms of faith.

This coming week we celebrate Memorial Day.  Think of our troops, and those who have fought or died for our country.

Congratulations to Ryan Andersen who has graduated with honors from FLCC.  Great going, Ryan!