Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

07-03-19 Article

Celebrating our graduates!  Ryan Andersen (FLCC) and Noah Deter (PYA).  Not pictured:  Erin Brady (FLCC)
Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

Today was graduation Sunday!  We celebrated our graduates- Ryan Andersen and Erin Brady, who both graduated from FLCC.
Noah Detar graduated from Penn Yan Academy and will be attending Nazareth College in Rochester for Musical Theater in the fall.  In addition, Ryan Andersen and Anna Detar received Lee Wiedrich memorial scholarships this week for their excellence in college.  Anna is a student in social work at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester.

Pastor Sandi continued following scripture discussing Paul’s third journey.  Bruce Westerdahl read the scripture, commenting that this journey was the distance from Penn Yan to Hawaii and back, about 10,000 Miles!  Pastor Sandi discussed baptism and what it means both in Paul’s day and today to be baptized and follow Jesus.  This was reaffirmed by John Wesley.  Paul continued his journey to tell others about Jesus and follow Jesus, despite being jailed, stoned, and run out of town.  He continued to build Jesus’s kingdom.  Pastor Sandi told us that even some days when we have disappointment or anger, or we seem to take two steps forward and three steps back that it is important to carry on. 

Ron Miller is organizing a boat ride through the Waterloo and Seneca Falls Erie Canal locks on August 15th- 6:30-9:30.  Cost is $30.00 per person.  There is a clipboard for those interested in the pews for sign up.

After church there was an opportunity to discuss your dreams for the church.  Several members discussed their wishes for future plans. 

Dick Smith also welcomed the congregation to tour and attend the latest Habitat Home for Humanity on Seneca Street in Penn Yan on 6/23.  Dick is extremely involved in the community habitat projects.

We will be having our parking lot and driveway paved this summer!  This project has been discussed over a period of time, with various solutions proposed.  It is already funded and will become a reality this August!
Happy Summer!