Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

07-17-19 Article

At BPUMC we have brunch in our fellows hall following our church service.  Always a fun and filling time!

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

Pastor Sandi spoke to the children about bullies.  People who bully often don’t feel good about themselves.  They try to make others feel as miserable as they feel.  Pastor Sandi told the children they should pray for them and set an example by treating the bully nicely. 

After Meredith Nielsen read the long book of Susanna and some verses from Judith, pastor Sandi told us that she presented the long verse because we need to listen to the whole story.  We are often quick to judge, and make our minds up about things before we learn all of the facts.  These books of Judith and Susanna are from the Apocrypha, and in the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Bibles, so as Methodists we are not as familiar with the teachings. 

Our annual BPUMC service followed by a pass-dish picnic is August 4th beginning at 11:30am at the Jephson Athletic Complex off Skyline Drive by the Trading Post. 

The community service with local Methodist Churches is August 11th at Indian Pines Park beginning at 11:00am.  Bring your folding chair.

During this time we will be having our church driveway paved.  We are looking forward to that!