Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

08-07-19 Article

Our beautiful Yates County area at harvest time!

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

Thank you to Pastor Babs for filling in this past week.  She gave a very complete and inspiring story to help us understand the passages about Tobit. We have been studying some of the Books of the Bible of written nearly 400 years before the birth of Christ that are not found in the regular Protestant Bibles, the Apocrypha.  This week’s lesson centered on one of these, writings about Tobit, in this book of history.  Pastor Babs told how Tobit followed all rules.  He followed and trusted God and not idols; he believed in honoring ones parents, gave to the poor, and believed in marriage.  Tobit was shunned by touching a dead person to bury him, as a Jewish person, and was then blinded by sleeping by a wall and having sparrow droppings land on his eyes.  Babs told how he still remained faithful.  We can see God in redemption. 

Our condolences to Gene and Marilyn James in the death of Gene’s mother, Louise James.  Many of us knew her through her long life.  Her beautiful service was at BPUMC on 7/27.

Condolences on the death of Jean Cheshire to  Ernie Pinneo and the entire Pinneo family.  Jean was the last surviving sibling of Ernie’s late wife, Ina.  She was baptized at, and a former member of our church Her service was at BPUMC on 8/3/19.

Mark your calendar for our annual take-out only pulled pork barbecue.  This will take place on 8/17/19 from 4-6pm.  Cost is $9.00 for the adult meal.  This is a crowd favorite.  Don’t miss out!