Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, October 25, 2020

10-02-19 Article

Chris and Stacy Wyant hosted a 5-7-9 event at their home this past week.  So much fun!

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

With suicide awareness week occurring, Pastor Sandi tackled a very difficult subject, suicide.  She used a passage from Acts 16:25-28 where after an earthquake, the guard wanted to kill himself, thinking the prisoners had escaped.  She explained that God has known us since the beginning of time, and will walk with us even in the darkest of times.  There are not many families that have not been touched by suicide.  When people get to that dark moment they need to talk to someone.  If you feel someone is at that point you need to trust your gut and be part of the solution finding mental health help for the individual when possible.  God does not plan for these events but is there with us to get us through dark times. 

We have our shoeboxes in church for Operation Christmas Child to be filled.  Take one and fill it as a family project.  Guidelines are included.  The children have already started with advent preparations!

Many of us have hosted and/or attended a 5-7-9 event.  So much fun to meet and learn more about other parish members in the setting of brunch, a meal or dessert!

Movie based study and a light meal will continue at 6:00 pm at Branchport Church on Friday October 4th.  A great opportunity to see and discuss a movie and join with others from other churches.

Bible Study has begun with a study of the Old Testament.  Contact Pastor Sandi for details.