Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Saturday, October 16, 2021

10-16-19 Article

Pastor Sandi speaks to the kids during World-Wide Communion Sunday, explaining that all Christians around the world attending church today share communion together.

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

The first Sunday in October is World Communion Sunday.  We shared communion, as did other Christians around the world.

Pastor Sandi used the scripture of Matthew 25: 14-30 to explain stewardship, giving us a more in-depth look at this scripture passage about the parable of talents.  God gave each servant a gift based on his ability, praising the good and faithful servants, and admonishing the servant that did not use his gift wisely, but buried it.  For today we consider our stewardship gifts for the coming year.  These include not only gifts of money, but gifts of our talents, such as teaching, music, writing, cooking, and serving others.  We are accountable for our gifts.  We need to use the gifts God gives us wisely.

On the church calendar we are looking at our next 15th club with dinner and a program on 10/15.  Our next gathering to make dresses and shorts for children of Haiti is October 19th- Deb Smith is coordinating.  The Laity Banquet is October 20th at 3:30pm.  Contact Babs Steinert to register.  

Welcome Rozlyn Prinzivalli, born 10/3/19, and congratulations to parents Bryan and Melissa, and grandparents Laurie and John.  All are doing well and over-the-moon in love!