Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Saturday, October 16, 2021

02-19-20 Article

Our little church at Bluff Point looks stunning with the blue sky, clouds and freshly fallen snow.

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

Pastor Sandi continued on her study of James this week.  James professed  to love your neighbors as yourself.  Do we often judge people on how they act where they sit or how they dress? Character doesn’t follow class lines nor does poverty mean virtue. Sandi told us that we show integrity by how we live and how we treat our neighbors.  Jesus shines in our lives.

Pastor Sandi told us how the kids have been collecting coins for koalas to help the effort from the Australian fires.  They also have been collecting cans of food for a local distribution and for The Living Well.  They are all true examples of helping your neighbors.

We continued with our 15th Club on February 15.  Bill Sutherland and Joyce Wiedrich discussed the history of film and filmmaking, along with the history of film and film projection in Penn Yan. Joyce is a docent at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester.  Bill owned and managed The Lake St. Theatre in Penn Yan for quite a period of time.  Before the digital age, he learned to be a projectionist by taking several classes at the Little Theatre in Rochester.  The children today know only of films shown on a digital source.  Many of us grew up with celluloid reels of film that had to be switched multiple times during a movie, and frequented the Elmwood Theatre on Elm Street, Penn Yan which operated from 1921-1971. 

BPUMC has a pass dish supper and program on the 15th of each month among its activities.

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