Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

02-26-20 Article

Bill Sutherland gave a fascinating look back at reel film, and he and Delores’s involvement with the Lake Street Theatre from its building and opening in 1995 at our BPUMC 15th club.

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

Thanks to Laurie Prinzivalli for a children’s lesson on taming the tongue.  We have two arms and legs, but one brain and one tongue.  Our brain needs to be careful on what we use our tongue for.

Continuing on with a lesson on scripture-based and James 3, Babs Steinert told us we need to use kindness, meekness and wisdom to tame our tongues.  She shared that we need to build people up, rather than tearing them down.  Meek refers to letting go, and letting God.  Babs showed us that envy and jealousy do not lead to anything but resentment. 

Saturday was the 15th Club.  Joyce Wiedrich brought many vintage cameras and photographs as she spoke about the history of film and movies, beginning in Europe in 1834, and by 1900 centering in Rochester, New York with the patent works and manufacturing camera and film expansion of George Eastman.  Bill and Delores Sutherland even brought popcorn as Bill showed movie film artifacts and newer digital media, showing the building of, and workings of the Lake Street Theatre which he ran for many years.

Mark your calendars for our Ash Wednesday service at 6pm February 26th bas we enter the Lenten season.