Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

03-25-20 Article

Snow covered Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich
What different times we are in now.  Where are we at now at BPUMC?  Pastor Sandi now has set up virtual church through Zoom for people who have computers, iPads, smart phones or internet access so we can share our faith at BPUMC.  Many of us have already been calling our church mates to check on our friends, and are socially distancing ourselfs from personal visits.  Pastor Sandi is focusing on ways to increase this.  Our services, Bible study and activities are for now via the internet as physical participation at church has been curtailed.

This is the time for us to be prayerful and remember others.  There are helpful things we all can involve ourselves with.  People are frightened, kids are home and not used to not hanging around with friends.  Some of our snowbirds are still out of state and wondering when they should travel home.  Don’t forget them!  Some of our congregation who work in hospitals, nursing homes, grocery stores or trucking goods still are working, so keep them in your prayers as well.  If you are well, look for some opportunities to volunteer to help with food distribution to kids who would normally have this through school, and the elderly who would have a hard time getting groceries.  Write letters to others, work on home projects, read a book and study your Bible.  Check on your neighbor.  Pastor Sandi has programs for meal delivery through The Living Well.  If you can’t physically help, and are able- local non-profit agencies need financial donations to keep missions going which help others.  This has quickly become our new normal.

Yates County may not being hit yet, but since your reporter here is a health care provider who lives and works in Rochester at Strong Memorial Hospital, I can tell you this is real and we have dozens of positive Covid-19 cases here.  Social distance, wash hands frequently, and follow the rules from the CDC and your county.  With faith, prayer, working together and following direction we will come through this difficult time together. Faith not fear, prayer and not panic.  God is with us all the time!