Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

04-01-20 Article

Phil Pearce is ready for church services at BPUMC, looking like he is at Mission Control!
Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich 
This past Sunday Pastor Sandi and many others from our church diligently worked out a system on the social application Zoom for us to worship together during these trying times.  Over 50 people, including our snowbirds that are for the moment staying put in Florida, joined church through Zoom.  We were able to share prayer requests, hymns with Ron Miller playing on his home piano.  We also had a video to watch about this Easter season, and the joy of our faces, children and a few nearby pets.  I hope other churches can work out a system where parishioners can pray and share the love of Jesus and for each other through the upcoming weeks, and possibly months until our world is healthy once again.  Our virtual church is wonderful, and will be used for Bible Study and other activities to give comfort, faith and calm during this time.  For those without a smart phone, iPad or computer, you can join in on a Zoom meeting via cell phone or landline to share planned services.  It is so important, especially during this time leading up to Easter, that we look after each other and keep our faith.  Thanks to Pastor Sandi for making this new virtual church possible for us to enjoy and share.