Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Saturday, October 16, 2021

04-22-20 Article

This was our Easter service at BPUMC.  Some of you may think that this looks a lot like the old Hollywood Squares television show! 

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

Welcome from BPUMC.  We celebrated Easter Sunrise service together, but distancing.  Our service began with prayer, and then singing the hymns Christ the Lord is Risen today, and Because He Lives.  Our scripture lesson showed that Jesus’s tomb was empty and the stone rolled away.  The women who came to anoint him trembled and were afraid.  They fled from the tomb in disbelief.

Pastor Sandi played a video of Dolly Parton reading the children’s story, The Little Engine that Could.  There were dolls, toys, animals, a clown, food, oranges and milk in a train that got stuck at the top of a mountain, attempting to deliver the goods to children on the other side.  Numerous engines went by, refusing to help, until a worn old rusty engine came and offered to help.  Pastor Sandi asked what characters we saw in the video. We saw the big shots who refused to help, and finally the Good Samaritan who came and gave all.  It took faith to get over the hump.

Aimee Perry graced us on Easter with her gorgeous voice singing the solo, I will Glory in the Cross.  This song showed the glory in seeing an empty tomb, and gratefulness for words that changed the world.

Pastor Sandi is hosting a weekly Zoom opportunity every Tuesday at 8am for coffee and conversation.  She also hosted an evening Zoom pajama party for children and their parents.  We all need each other and to remain connected during these trying times!  These Zoom gatherings by computer, iPad, or phone have been so important for sharing our faith, feelings and hope.