Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

05/13/20 Article

Meet Merik Whitford, son of Becci and Todd, who we recently met at our Zoom church service.

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

We had another Bluff Point United Methodist Church Zoom church service this past week.  They were 42 participants at the service. Our services are at 9 AM Sundays, we also have Bible study, zoom activities for the children, and a meet and chat session on Tuesdays at 8 o’clock.  Some churches are still on, being able to have this technology. Pastor Sandy told us if we would like to have friends or others to join us to please invite them and provide her with their email address so she can send an event invitation.

We begin our service with the hymn BIND US TOGETHER, and later the hymn STANDING ON THE PROMISES.  We have used past video clips of our choir, and used one of FAITHFUL SERVANT, recorded November 2019.  We all miss our beautiful choir and selections chosen by Ron Miller.  We were able to have remote communion as well, and pray for prayer shawls lovingly knit or crocheted by some of our crafty ladies. 

Pastor Sandi reminded us to take a deep breath. We have been going through tough times but will get through it!  She showed us that Jesus loves metaphors and parables.  The scripture lesson was John 10: 1-10- Jesus is the Good Shepard. The sheep will not follow a stranger, but will follow someone with a voice that they know. 

God wants to take care of us.  He feels our pain and takes our burdens.  We have each other. People are not alone, and are in our hearts. 

Cady Brady shared how she helped take cookies to Eastview Vets, physician offices, the sheriff department, and St. Mark’s Terrace, showing love to people working through the pandemic. 

Eric Detar closed the service with a passage from Romans 12:12.  This directed us to be confident, to keep on praying, and to be joyful in hope.

We are thankful for our technology and that we can share together in phoning each other, sending love gifts, attending church and sending cards and letters.