Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

05-20-20 Article

Recently our kids painted rocks to beautify our church grounds.  This rock says “Love”

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

We continue with Zoom church, bible study, and frequent prayers to church members.  What a different time this is, but such a wonder that we still can hold each other close and stay together through the telephone, mail, and the Internet. During this uncertain time, we are unsure of when we will meet in church again, but we stay Bluff Point strong.

Our first song this past Sunday was the hymn Something Beautiful.  This past summer our Noah and Eric Detar sang a duet. We were able to play this for all to enjoy again, through our zoom church. It was a beautiful John Denver song, Poems, Prayers, and Promises. 

Our scripture lesson was Psalm 31, and John 14: 1-14.  These passages showed how we can seek refuge in Jesus.  The rock we have is in Jesus.  He is our strength and salvation.  Pastor Sandi shared that in times like these when our heart is troubled, we need to go to God.  God has our best interest at hand.  We need to put our angers and fears in our God Box.  Fear and worry are as real as hope, joy, and love. 

We shared with each other some of the joys we have received this week.  They include cards and notes, a devotional book sent by our pastor, and sunshine bags of joy and hope.  Eric Detar shared how he watched a robin sit on her nest this past week, to protect her eggs during this cold spell. 

Our service closed with the Hymn, God will take Care of You. 

Pastor Sandi is meeting with Yates County Public Health and church leadership to see what church will look like in the future when we are allowed to open, even though it appears this won’t be for quite a while.  Until then we will enjoy our virtual services and opportunities to share together!