Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Saturday, October 16, 2021

06-10-20 Article

Sandi Perl was totally surprised and overjoyed when 27 cars from the BPUMC Church, and community drove by her and Dave’s home to honor her and celebrate her educational accomplishment of attaining a Doctoral Degree in Ministry.  Congratulations Rev Perl!

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

Our recent Zoom church service was our Music Sunday, the 5th Sunday of May.  It began by prayer by Eric Detar to welcome God among our recent storm, with peace, justice, freedom, and love.  Eric welcomed us on Pentecost Sunday.  He helped us understand the meaning of Pentecost, the blowing of the wind, and strengthening by the Holy Spirit. 

Stacy Wyant reminded us of the initiative in Yates County by the Rotary, Living Well, and Lyons Clubs to support those workers and people affected by Covid-19 in the Grateful Hearts program. 

The scripture lesson was from John 14, a conversation between Jesus and the disciples, where Jesus told them that he would never abandon or leave them, but would send another counselor of truth, and also Acts 2: 1-21 concerning the coming of the Holy Spirit. 

Music Sunday is always special, and this Sunday did not disappoint!  Ron Miller played several songs, including Jesus Loves the Little Children. Anna Detar sang, 10,000 Reasons and What a Beautiful Name, along with her father Eric Detar in voice and guitar.  Aimee Perry gave a lovely rendition of Let there be Peace on Earth.  A pre-recorded choir anthem of the hymn, Our Prayer, followed.

Eric Detar reflected on the scripture, reminding us that we all have gifts to use to make life better, by working together and the work of the spirit.  We are meant for joy and not gloom and doom.  The Holy Spirit equips us, lives in us, prays for us, and develops us. 

Eric reflected upon a funny story from his youth involving a few twists and turns, resulting with tardiness in arriving at school, as his mother ran out of gas driving him there.  He shared that we all often personally run around on empty.  We push, give, and do, without refilling our own tanks.  He said that everyone who has run out of gas in their car has passed a gas station at some point! 

Thank you for all who participated in this Music Sunday.  If any of you wish to participate in our various Zoom ministries or our Sunday 9am services, please contact Sandi Perl for an invitation.  You can listen to the service by home phone, or participate by computer or smart phone. It may be some time yet before we have physical services in our church sanctuary.