Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

06-17-20 Article

Although our sanctuary is not reopened for services, due to Covid-19, we have weekly Zoom services at 9:00am, musical sharing events, Bible Study and other events via the internet!

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

We are beginning our third month of internet based services due to Covid-19.  Our service began with the creation story.  Pastor Sandi reflected on us focusing on the positive, and not letting grief overtake us in these times.  We need to pray and be people of wisdom.  Don’t let anger overtake our love for God. 

Pastor Sandi and Dave sponsored a drive- through picnic.  Our church also had a drive by parade celebrating our students finishing the end of our school year. 

Communion was integrated with a love feast. What will you do as a follower of Jesus?  We need to love all of our neighbors. 

This past Sunday we also had an evening Music Madness.  What talent we have among our small church congregation!  Participants included Ron Miller, Aimee Perry, Ellie Stempien, Eric and Noah Detar and Harrison Fitch.  There was also a video duet by Kady Brady and Miley Andersen.  Thank you all for sharing your musical talents.

Stacy Wyant gave a thank you from the Rotary, Lyons Club and the Living Well.  They helped feed 91 families during this past month of May.

Carry on, and stay well!