Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

07-01-20 Article

School’s out!  Our Cady Brady shows us how to hula hoop!

Article by Joyce Wiedrich

Our Zoom church honored fathers on Fathers’ Day.  We started service with prayer and the hymn, Happy the Home.

Noah and Anna Detar are recipients this year of the Lee Wiedrich Memorial Scholarship.  After Lee Wiedrich passed in 2005, his sister set up a perpetual scholarship fund where students in their first level of trade school or college would receive a financial gift for each year in study if they kept their grades up and progressed in their studies.  In times past, church members cut and sold wood to help out our students; this fund replaced those efforts.  Noah and Anna are both excellent students.  Anna will be entering her senior year at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, and hopes to work with children after graduation.  Noah is studying musical theatre, at Nazareth College in Rochester, entering his second year of study, and hopes to someday be Broadway bound!

Pastor Sandi shared with us that being a disciple is hard work.  God asks for maturity, not perfection.  She asked us what our role is during this Covid period, and period of unrest.  We are people of light.  God tells us not to fear.  We need to continue to love people.  Many of us have continued to work with people who do not have a voice.  We need to continue to take time out to reflect on our purpose and role, and then act on it.  Many of us have been writing notes and calling people.  It is so important to keep connected.

Pastor Sandi showed a beautiful video of the Seager family bell choir.  How inspirational!

We closed with a favorite hymn, Here I am Lord.

We will continue to have sharing of a drive through meal at church every two weeks. Contact Pastor Sandi if you can help out!