Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Saturday, October 16, 2021

08-26-20 Article

We have had a recent drive-up with s’mores and prayers at church.  A time to share together with social distance and fun!

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

Our recent church service was based on scripture from Matthew 14: 22-33, Jesus walks on water. People were afraid when they saw Jesus walk on water.  They were in disbelief.  Peter walked on water toward Jesus, showing that miracles happen. 

Jesus sent away 5,000 so that he could pray. Some days we feel lost and confused.  We pray not only for celebrations but for concerns. Pastor Sandi shared that everything that we have is God’s, not ours.  Our possessions are gifts from God that we should share and be thankful for. 

Pastor Sandi will be sending everyone an updated church directory, so we can continue to pray for our fellow parishioners.  This will be our homework for the week.

We had another treat in watching several musical numbers as the Stempien’s and Miller’s sang and played numerous hymns from our church, as we sang along from home during our service.

Pastor Sandi reminds us to continue to help others, including those who frequent the Living Well for support.

Continue to worship with us on Zoom!