Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

09-09-20 Article

Stacy Wyant and Helen and Dana Schillinger helped with our recent drive-through barbecue. 17 deliveries were also made to church members.

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

Condolences to Fuzzy, Sonya, Donna Andersen and many other family and friends on the recent passing of John Andersen.  John was a long-time member of Bluff Point United Methodist Church and resident of Yates County.

Our recent lesson was based on scripture from Matthew 16: 13-20.  This concerns Peter’s declaration about Jesus, and the keys to the kingdom.  Pastor Sandi showed that keys are in various shapes and sizes.  Keys is the kingdom come from our heart.  What keys can unlock our heart?  What prevents entrance to the kingdom? The keys are of love, hope, forgiveness and faith. Do we need prayerful forgiveness or a realigned attitude?  The keys to the kingdom reflect around doing no harm, doing good, and loving God.  We need to make key turning adjustments.  

Yates County clean-up day is Saturday 9/19/2020.  We will do our part at BPUMC by cleaning our 2 mile section of 54-A at 9am on 9/19.  Please help us and meet at the church for supplies and instruction at 9a this day, to do our part on this day.  We will stay socially distanced and follow guidelines, while getting the job done!

Remember to continue to pray for our church members, send cards, and call folks to keep in touch.  We still have many members who are not comfortable leaving their homes, and quite lonely after 6 months of lockdown.  

Our church re-opening will be starting the first week of October, every other week in the sanctuary, and continuing every week on Zoom/internet.  More details to come as we move forward.

School begins soon.  The kids seem anxious to start classes, and more excited when they will eventually be able to see friends and classmates. Remember teachers, parents and kids as they venture forward during this pandemic.