Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

10-21-20 Article

The leaves are turning and our church is graced with the colors of fall leaves are turning gold and Crimson with a bright blue sky is a beautiful backdrop.

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

This past week we continued with Zoom church. We will be continuing with Zoom church weekly at least for the foreseeable future, with in sanctuary worship on the first and third Sundays of each month, in addition. One will need to make a reservation with Babs Steinert to the service, as there will be some limitations of the number of people allowed in the sanctuary services due to Covid.  Remember to mask-up when in the sanctuary and be considerate of social distancing.  Please let Pastor Sandi know if you can help with any of the audiovisual part of the in-sanctuary services.  It will be advantageous to rotate these duties between additional congregation members as we go forward with our in-sanctuary services.

The scripture lesson this week was from Matthew 22: 1-14. This is the Parable of the
Wedding Banquet.  In this parable, the king was hosting his sons wedding.  He invited many people who would not come. He sent his servants out to bring the people to the banquet but they still would not come. Some of the servants were mistreated and later killed. People on the street corners, both good and bad, were later
invited.  The hall was then filled with people enjoying the feast the king had prepared.

Another take on this parable is from the scripture of Luke 14: 16-20.  In this parable another wedding invitation was sent out. One man had recently bought some land and could not come, another wanted to try out his oxen, and a third had just gotten married himself and declined the invitation.

Pastor Sandi showed how the kingdom of heaven is like a king preparing a wedding banquet for a son. Many people find excuses today for not being part of the kingdom. How do we deal with people who are always making excuses? We are asked to share our faith and be thankful.  Pastor Sandi told us that we are in a discipleship journey and that we should invite others to share our journey with Christ.

Leah Dibble and and Helen Schillinger are collecting recipes from our congregation members for an advent church cookbook. Please submit your recipes by email, mail, or in person to them by the end of October so the recipe book may be compiled.  It will be great to see this collection of recipe favorites!

Happy fall!  Enjoy some walks and the spectacular colors of the turning season.