Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

11-11-20 Article

This past Sunday we celebrated the lives of our departed on All-Saints Sunday.

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

This past Sunday was All-Saints Sunday.  We have had several from our congregation whom we cherish, that have gone to their heavenly homes this past year.  This was a special day where we remember all.

Thanks to technology, we had prerecorded music for in-person church and Zoom church.  Thanks to Phil Pearce and team, he has a working set up so those not present in the sanctuary can worship along with the service.  We have also continued to have Zoom Bible Studies, and Pastor Sandi will be starting some special services for our kids.

Our scripture this week was from Matthew 5:  1-12, The Beatitudes.  Jesus was the teacher and counselor, giving his message to his followers. Pastor Sandi shared with us the worship spot where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount.  She asked us which circle of intimacy we considered our relationship with Jesus.  The first circle was Jesus’s inner circle, and from there, larger groups of people following Jesus, with the outer circle also containing some skeptics and others possibly waiting to ambush Jesus.  

We shared with Pastor Sandi some ways we have shown grace this past week.  Responses from congregation members included making meals and shopping for others, taking people to vote, sending cards and letters, and one person who has continued making face masks to distribute to others- a total of 818 masks she has sewn thus far!

Advent will soon be here.  Contact Pastor Sandi if you are willing to help or suggest projects we can do for the season.

We will be Ringing the Bells for Yates County Christmas (Formally Christmas for the Needy) the Wednesday before Thanksgiving in front of Tops market in Penn Yan. Groups of 2 people or small family groups are requested this year.  Our time frames are hourly shifts from 9am-4pm on that day- Wednesday 11/25.  Please contact Joyce Wiedrich if you can help with this effort!  Needs are especially great this year.  All monies collected stay in our local communities. This charity was started by Floyd Tillman years ago, and continued through the years by dedicated volunteers.