Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

11-18-20 Article

Welcome to Marian Louise Gaston, the youngest member of our fold!  Congratulations to Simon and Kristy Gaston, and big brother Isaac.

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

We recently had a beautiful Veterans Day Sunday Zoom church service, complete with patriotic hymns and music.  Our Veterans include: Norman Hunt, Fremont Clow, Joshua Wyant, Joyce Wiedrich, Bruce Westerdahl, Art Wunder, Amos Hammond, Michael Morehouse, Russ Heggie, Dana Schillinger, Doug Fingar, Curt Culvert, and Dorwin Fingar.  Many others at home also supported the efforts of our military persons. God Bless America!

Our students have been busy in school.  PYA is the #1 seed on soccer.  Our college students, Anna and Noah Detar and Billy Lavin are busy as ever. Pastor Sandi is hosting on-line kids church for our school age and younger folks.  

Our recent sermon was based on the parable of the 10 bridesmaids.  5 were foolish and brought no extra oil with them for their lamps to the festivities.  5 others brought extra oil, as the ceremonies were long, and started later than anticipated.  They were all exhausted from the waiting, and the foolish five had their lamps extinguish when their oil ran out.  Pastor Sandi asked us to look at our own preparation.  We often get impatient when we don’t get immediate gratification or our prayers are not immediately answered.  Are you tired, exhausted, frustrated, worried or tested?  Are we prepared and ready for judgement and to follow the footsteps of Jesus? Pastor Sandy referred to an event in her own life where she went to a church function. The host was talking about event cleaning, being prepared for guests in areas that would be seen.  Are we doing event cleaning or deep cleaning in our lives?  Do we have mercy? Can we find forgiveness? We all do need grace, forgiveness, and mercy.

Babs Steinert, Helen Schillinger and Leah Dibble are readying our Advent church recipe books.  It will be fun to try out these chosen favorites!

We are ready to ring the bells for Yates County Christmas on 11/25, in front of Tops grocery. Here’s for a good turnout and favorable weather to help this important local cause.

We look forward to someday all meeting our precious little Marion Louise Gaston.  Isaac is busy helping Mom and Dad by being a helpful big brother.