Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

11-25-20 Article

Russ Heggie welcomes everyone to worship at BPUMC and reminds everyone to stay safe!

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

We have put together Thanksgiving baskets for 8 Yates County families.  This is a time of great need, and we want to help out in ways we can to brighten the holiday for others.  

Pastor Sandi used the Parable of the Talents in her recent message.  People were given talents according to their abilities.  One person was given 5 talents and traded these to make 5 more. Another person was given 2 talents, and traded to
make two more.  The person given 1 talent buried his in a hole.  Do we use our gifts wisely or have regrets?  Artists invest in the world, health care workers invest in their patients, teachers invest in their students.  Gifts and talents are not always about money, but often gifts of discipleship.  We need to think about the talents we all have and the investments we make in them.   The person in this parable who was given one talent did not share or invest because of fear of doing something wrong. Our invested talents often come back ten-fold. Pastor Sandi’s message was to help us realize we should not be stuck into a world of regret.  We should not live in a life of what if’s, especially if one has ignored a calling by God, and not used our talents wisely!

Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all for a safe and fruitful holiday.  We again will be ringing the bells for Yates County Christmas at Tops on 11/23 to help out our community during this holiday season.