Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

12-09-20 Article

Noah, Anna and Paula Detar helped ring the bells to raise funds for Yates County Christmas, supporting local families, the day before Thanksgiving.
Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

One of our BPUMC missions is to support the charity started by Floyd Tillman many years ago, Yates County Christmas.  We wish to thank the community for their generosity this year.  It was heartwarming to see many parents tell their little ones about the program, as they put donations in the house.  The need is especially great this year. Our bell ringers this year were:  Gene and Marilyn James, Blanche Fingar, Michele Covert, Helen and Dana Schillinger, Chris and Stacy Wyant, Jean Murdock, Millie Albertson, Joyce Wiedrich, Noah Detar, Anna Detar and Paula Detar. Thanks for ringing those bells!!!

Our Advent recipe book was terrific!  Thanks to Babs Steinert, Leah Dibble and Helen Schillinger for a lot of typing and hard work to complete this project!  We anticipate that members will be trying out many new recipes.

Members need to check the newsletter for details of our angel tree which we will be again doing for a family for Christmas.  We were able to put together Thanksgiving meals for six local families. The Living Well badly needs gloves and mittens if anyone can help with this, it will be appreciated.  

We celebrated the first Sunday in Advent by Harrison Fitch lighting the advent candle.  

Our scripture lesson was from Mark 13: 24-37.
Pastor Sandi’s message was about the necessity for watchfulness and staying alert.  One does not know when time will come.

Company is coming!  Is your house a mess?  We need to clean up our houses.  What message do we have outside our homes and church?  We need to get ready!  We have the hope of Jesus whom we see every day in our home, churches and work.

We are still having weekly Zoom church, and an opportunity for in-church services the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.  Contact Babs If you wish to attend, and remember we are following current Covid-19 guidelines.  

Be safe and stay well!