Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Saturday, October 16, 2021

02-03-21 Article

Here is our BPUMC communication center dressed up for Valentine’s Day!  Thanks Chris and Stacy for putting this all together for us!

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

Sincere condolences to Karen Drumm and family on the recent passing of her brother Steve Drumm.  The Drumm family have been long-term members of our church family.

Our study this past Sunday centered on Jonah.  Most of us remember the children’s story of Jonah and the whale, but not the background of Jonah fleeing from Jesus at this time, and how his misadventures came about.  Pastor Sandi told how Jonah was told by Jesus to go to Nineva. There was much evil going on in Nineva at that time, and clearly Jonah did not want to go there and get involved in the struggles there.  Jonah tried to run away from the strife, and set off towards Tashiah.  Pastor Sandi asked us to ponder how we feel when we are running away from God. Maybe there is a nagging voice in our head which we try to ignore.  Maybe we just don’t sleep well, or feel sick.  Jonah got another message to get up and go.    Jonah eventually found his voice and saved a city.  Pastor Sandi correlated this experience to the common scenario that you can run, but you can’t hide from God.  She asked us all what our voice can do within our family, church, community and world.   We need to show courage, strength and sacrifice, as Jonah eventually did.  There is so much to be done in terms of helping with ending poverty, racism, wage inequity, education issues, and housing, to name a few topic areas.  

New Bible studies are coming soon  and others are continuing.  Have you tried a Zoom Bible study?  They are a great way to learn about the Bible and share with others.  Contact Pastor Sandi if interested.

We are helping the community with lunches at the Living Well on Wednesdays and Fridays.  The grab and go lunches serve about 60 people each day.  Contact Babs if you can help on 2/19.  Deserts and main meal help are needed.