Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Saturday, October 16, 2021

02-10-21 Article

Greetings from BPUMC!  We will continue with Zoom services during the month of February, as we continue to follow the Covid situation.  Please contact us if you wish a link for joining our on-line or on-phone services.

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

We have finally gotten winter!  Be safe on the roads.  The snow is gorgeous.  It looks like Christmas!

Our scripture this week was Isaiah 6: 1-8.  The topic was about inferiority.  Isaiah was saying that he was lost, and feeling inferior, and ashamed of how he was-although he also had seen the King!

We all have seen God in our lives.  Isaiah had also seen God in his life.  Life was hard for Isaiah as is for us!    

Pastor Sandi asked us how it feels to be inferior. Did we feel that way the first day of work or school?  How would it be if God was not in our life?  Many who feel inferior and without God’s hope are angry or depressed.  

Pastor Sandi asked us to look out and reach out to others, and focus on opportunities to help those people and groups who have been made to feel inferior.  How do we change ourselves to be the hope and light to others?  We soon will be entering Lent. The Lenten season is not easy, and is a painful path along its way to Easter. During this time we have to remember we are not alone. We are people of faith and are blessed.  

Pastor Sandi’s challenge this week was to look at your bookshelf and pick out and read a selection from a black author during black history month!

Put our Ash Wednesday Zoom service on your calendar.  It will be at 6:00pm on February 17th!