Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Saturday, October 16, 2021

03-10-21 Article

Elly and Jeff Stempien add much with musicality in our church Zoom services!

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

Dick Smith read our scripture this past week from Mark 8: 31-38.  In this reading Jesus foretold of his death and resurrection.  Jesus knew what was going to happen.  Peter rebuked Jesus, and Jesus rebuked Peter back.  Jesus taught the disciples, and in turn us, that he must suffer to give us hope.  

Pastor Sandi played a touching sermon dating from lenten season last year from our bishop, Mark Webb. Bishop Webb was reflecting on the uncertain times of last year when Covid came upon us, and that we needed to look for hope in Jesus.  He found that there were many stones preventing the passage of our way.  Bishop Webb told us in this message that no one could ever drive a wedge between us and Jesus’s love.

Bishop Webb’s message looked at the Easter season with new life.  He challenged us to invite Jesus into our life, and watch the stones roll away with life built on truth and the promises of God. There is a promise of victory as Jesus comes to us!

BPUMC’s calls to action include prayer shawls to be delivered this week to Yates County Public Health workers, an ongoing collection to UMCOR- helping those people suffering from weather related disasters in Texas and other southern states, and pet food collection for local families in need. 

March is Women’s History Month.  Pastor Sandi challenges us to read a book which focuses on accomplishments of a woman or women during this month.  

Pastor Sandi also requests some helpers that can aid in church re-opening, possibly this coming month. Zoom services will also continue.