Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

04-14-21 Article

This Easter we celebrated both Zoom and in-person worship.  Here Marguerite and Ron Miller show some of the lovely spring flowers they used to decorate the alter on this sunny Easter Day!

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

It was great for many of us to be able to worship in person on Easter Sunday when others stayed on the Zoom platform to join worship.  With many more of us getting vaccinated, more are feeling comfortable with in-church worship.  What a joy to be able to celebrate the day of resurrection with our church friends whom we have not seen in such a long time!

We had special music on this Easter day, and readings by Noah and Anna Detar, reminding us of the sadness of the week, of Jesus’s last week on earth.  Jesus knew at the time that he would be betrayed and his fate would be to leave us. The absolute grief during the week ended with finding the empty tomb, and that Jesus had risen to save us.  These readings showed us not only what happened, but the reactions of those closest to Jesus.  Even in the darkest of days we have been given such hope!

Children’s church continues on Saturday afternoons 4-6pm.  If you can help with any function, including teaching, crafts or meals, please let Pastor Sandi know.  The children are enjoying their special time to learn about our Lord.  If you have a child, young friend or grandchild, they are welcome to attend.

Please remember to register ahead with Babs for in-person church if you plan to attend a service in the sanctuary.  In-person church remains limited, and is only on the first and third Sundays of the month for now, with all services still weekly on Zoom.  If you can’t participate at 9a on Sunday morning, you can see the service at a later date or time by clicking the link on the church’s website. Services are all being recorded.

Happy Spring!