Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

05-12-21 Article

Bruce Westerdahl has a new look during these Covid times!

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

Our BPUMC church has reopened on Sunday.  We still need to make a reservation with Babs for each Sunday and follow Covid guidelines.

Thanks to Peggy, our lay leader, for an excellent look at David, and some of his meaning behind the 23rd psalm.  Peggy took a long look at sheep and the shepherds that guide them in her recent sermon.  

Peggy Beckwith looked at verses 1-4 of the 23rd psalm, perhaps the most quoted and well known of the psalms.  David had been a shepherd, so he knew a lot about sheep.  Sheep are not smart animals.  If one sheep jumps off a cliff, the others following him are likely to do the same.  Like sheep, we need direction in our lives.  If your friend jumps off a cliff will you also do the same?  Like sheep, we also need direction and guidance.  Our behaviors need protection from our shepherd, and that shepherd is Jesus.  Thank you Peggy, for your thoughtful words and guidance from scriptures with a sermon we can relate to our everyday lives.

It soon will be time for our bi-annual road clean-up and sprucing up the church yards.  Be thinking of how you can help, when it is safe to plant annuals to beautify our sanctuary grounds.