Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

05-19-21 Article

Spring has come to BPUMC!  Tulips are blooming and flowering trees are ablaze with color.  Our congregation is also able to enjoy Zoom or in-person worship!

Article by Joyce Wiedrich

Kids church continues on Saturday.  Contact Pastor Sandi if your child or grandchild would like to attend.  This past week the children celebrated their mothers, speaking of goodness, faithfulness and love.

Our scripture lesson was from Genesis 29: 15-30.  
Pastor Sandi’s sermon for Mother’s Day Sunday looked at Rachel.  Rachel was small and the youngest daughter in her family.  She also was a shepherdess.  She had authority in her life.  She however had a lot of pent up anger and could have a mean spirit.  She was graceful and beautiful.  Rachel was Jacob’s favorite.

Sandi asked if we were a Rachel?  God created us for goodness.  We learn every day.  We are not perfect, but often make our lives complicated.

Little by little we are coming back from the Covid year.  Hymnals and Bibles will now. reappear.  We also will be able to write prayer requests on our prayer cards.

After services, weather permitting, bring a lawn chair for distanced socialization and fellowship in the parking lot.  You can also bring your own refreshments.  

We have had several recent anniversaries, including the Morehouse’s, the Westerdahl’s and the Sutherland’s.  Congratulations to all.   Billy Lavin has recently graduated from Geneseo with an engineering degree, and Anna Detar will soon graduate with a degree in Social Work.  We are proud of our graduates!