Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

05-26-21 Article

Article by Joyce Wiedrich

Continuing with our study of women, Pastor Sandi examined Leah, as described in Genesis 30.  Leah was Rachel’s older sister.  How do you feel if you know you are first but you are treated as second? Jacob did not love Leah.  Leah was also jealous of Rachel, as she had taken away her husband Jacob.  

We looked at God having a plan and a kingdom. God used Leah and Rachel as producing sons for his kingdom.  Leah’s tragedy reminds us how important love is.  God worked through this troubled family to accomplish his will, even though there was much suffering involved.  

The children have plotted out their gardens at church.  They will be growing strawberries and various vegetables in their plots.  We will enjoy seeing the fruits of their labors!

It is great to see people returning to church.  Baby steps!