Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

06-09-21 Article

Happy Memorial Day from several from our BPUMC congregation, as we remember the somber meaning of the day, and kick off the summer season.

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

We celebrated Memorial Day at BPUMC.  There are debts we can not repay to those lost defending the ideals of our country.  We also feel for family members of those lost in serving our country.

Our scripture lesson was from John 3:  1-17.  The Pharisees came to Jesus in the night.  Pastor Sandi posed the question to us.  Is it easier to go to Jesus in the day, or in the night?  What makes us hesitate to go to Jesus?  Are we more vulnerable at one time of day versus the other? When you go to Jesus during the night is it more secretive?  Is it easier because you go to Jesus as you pray before you go to bed?  Do you go to Jesus to confess, or do you hide from Jesus at night?  Is there a time when you are more open to hearing or praying?  We all know whenever it is that we go to Jesus that we will get an answer.  

This passage also talks about Jesus telling his followers that they need to be born again, of the water and spirit to go to the kingdom of God.  
A final thought from this passage is God talking to us about giving his son.  

June will bring more drive-through opportunities for us to share food and fellowship.  Unlike last summer, we may either drive through or park and socialize with our church friends while enjoying a bite to eat!  Summer is on the way!