Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

07-07-21 Article

Dick Dibble and Phil Pearce are two of our trustees that are always involved in helping maintain the physical structure and contents of our church-seen looking at one of our buildings in need of some loving care.

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

Pastor Sandi used a scripture we don’t often discuss to help us look at the heart of scripture messages.  Looking at the heart of the message helps us to frame the scripture.  We not only have to look at the history behind scripture passages, but most importantly what the scripture means personally to oneself. She had us study 2 Thessalonians 2: 1-5.  Why does it matter that you believe this good news?  We were to look at the Good News and write what we would put on a bumper sticker concerning this passage.  Some of the bumper stickers we came up with included: Listen to the Voice, I will come again, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, and Say Yes to God’s Assurance.  

The youth confirmation class ended this Sunday, with the students meeting with Pastor Sandi and their mentors.  They will all be confirmed as members of BPUMC later this summer.  Thanks to all who helped our youth through this process!

This past weekend on 6/26, we said our farewells to Ernie Pinneo and to Amos Hammond.  Amos’s lovely service was first held at church, with heart felt poems, scripture and eulogies from multiple grandchildren.  Both families later had separate local gatherings in the afternoon where friends and family could share remembrances and stories. We will both miss Amos and Ernie, who both were not only dear friends, but long-time faithful members of our church.

Congratulations again to Hayley Andersen, who graduated from PYA on June 25th!  All the best!