Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

07-14-21 Article

Happy 90th birthday to our Meredith Nielsen! Meredith has been a life-long member of BPUMC. She remains active and vibrant, walking every day to stay fit.  Best wishes Meredith, as you enter this new decade.

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

This past Sunday we celebrated communion.  We also enjoyed live scripture reading, and listening to our wonderful choir.  It is great to be back to many of our cherished activities, including our after church fellowship, where we celebrated birthdays this week for Aimee Perry, Phil Pearce, and Meredith Nielsen. 

Our scripture lesson centered on another of Paul’s
letters, to the Galatians.  Pastor Sandi felt this might be Paul’s most important letter.  Pastor Sandi showed us the location of Galatia, between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.  There were rules in Jewish society, including that all men needed to be circumcised.  Paul refuted some of these rules, telling followers that they needed to listen to him if they were going to follow Jesus. Paul was called by God and received from Jesus. God revealed his son for Paul to preach among the Gentiles.  Paul called for unity in Christ, and strategy through opportunity.  

Many of us had the opportunity of an evening cruise on the Erie Canal 3 years ago.  On Wednesday July 21 another opportunity exists! Contact Ron Miller if you are interested.  Tickets are limited.

Several of our young students will be joining the church during the next two weeks.  They have been having confirmation classes during June with their mentors.  We are so happy that they have made this important faith decision.

During his lifetime, Ernie Pinneo put aside money to send our church youth to Casowasco Christian Camp on Owasco Lake.  What fun for the kids as they learn about Jesus!  We are sending 6 youth to camp this summer.