Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

08-04-21 Article

Our shed is resided, thanks to helpful hands! Thanks guys, for great work on some warm sunny days.

Article by Joyce Wiedrich

Thank you to Peggy Beckwith for your inspirational message.  Peggy led us in worship this past Sunday.  Her message was based on scripture from Corinthians 7:  29-31, which Peggy helped interpret for us.  This scripture can take on many different interpretations.  She felt Paul was throwing out a lot of ideas to tell us to keep things in perspective. Time is short, and the world is passing away. Peggy reminded us that we need to live in the world with the understanding that life in this world is temporary.  She showed us a rope, with a short piece bound with a blue cloth.  That part represented our earthly days.  The rest of the 100 feet of rope represented our time in eternity.  She reminded us not to get caught up in the earthly parts.  We only get one chance of life on earth. We need to live in the present, being aware of the God to come.  

Several of us enjoyed our boat ride from Waterloo to Seneca Falls and beyond, through three canal locks.  It was a fun three-hour adventure!  We saw several heron and other local birds, as well as having a rather unique experience while returning through one of the locks.

Our trustees recently resided our outdoor shed.  It looks brand new, with grey and white new vinyl siding.  Thanks to Dick Dibble, Phil Pearce, Jeff Stempien and others for completing this project.

Come join us at 9am church service either in the Zoom or in-person modes.  We also have reinstated our popular after church snacks and fellowship.  It has been wonderful to return to more normal worship activities over this past month.