Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

09-08-21 Article

Thanks to Ron Miller for all the work he did in heading our church group to another Hope Walk in Yates County to benefit those affected with cancer.

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

Our scripture lesson this past week was Ephesians 1: 11-30.  In this writing, Paul again speaks to the people.  Pastor Sandi explains that during the time of this writing, Paul is in Asia Minor.  He is experienced in his writings at this point, and speaks to us about lasting gifts that keep on giving.  Paul tells us to never stop giving thanks.  

Pastor Sandi reflects that many people journal about daily things they are thankful for - others just remember them.  He also reflects on those who give outreach work to our community, whom we should be thankful for.  Those who give deserve thanks for wisdom and knowledge.  

Paul’s words lead us today.  Pastor Sandi asked us individually where we feel faith and wisdom? What do we want the world to look like?

Pledge cards for the coming year have recently been distributed.  Pastor Sandi asked us to pray on these, and return them this coming month so our church budget may be worked on for 2022.

Yates County had a very successful Hope Walk. Memorial luminaries were placed along the walking path.  There were fewer events and walkers at the site in person this year, likely due to Covid, but supporters were financially very generous in support of this so-important mission. Thank you to Ron Miller for support of this.

A memorial service was held for Steve Drumm who passed away earlier this year at Keuka Lake State Park.  The Drumm family members have been long-time members of BPUMC.  Prayers to Jim and Karen Drumm, and families in their loss of their brother, and to Steve’s wife, Diane.

Best thoughts go out to both our college and local elementary and high school students who have or will be returning to school very soon,  for both a healthy and safe school year!