Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

09-29-21 Article

Meredith Nielsen, Stacey Wyant, Blanche Fingar, Dana Schillinger and Sherri Hunt were part of our road clean-up crew on Yates County road clean-up day.
Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

We participated as part of our church mission in the Yates County Road Clean-up on September 18th.  It was a beautiful fall day, and we got the job done in about an hours time!  Participants were: Edie Achenbach, David Achenbach, Jean Murdock, Dana Schillinger, Helen Schillinger, Dick Smith, Stacey Wyant, Meredith Nielsen, Sherri Hunt, Blanche Fingar and Joyce Wiedrich. Thanks 
to all!

We continued with Zoom and in-person worship. Jo Jaeger was the Zoom greeter, and Eric Detar provided Zoom IT.  Scripture was Philippians 1: 21-30.  We certainly have learned a lot about Paul these past few months!  Peggy Beckwith continued her message with more tales about Paul.  Paul was fortunate to have been born into the Roman Empire.  This meant he could appeal any case.  In Acts 27,  Peggy showed us that Paul was arrested for his undertakings and tried by a local judge.  He appealed, and was jailed in Rome, shackled to a soldier.  Paul remained in jail for the remainder of his life.

With Paul it was not about him, but about Christ. Paul remained the optimist, despite the negative things that had been happening in his life.  The words and teachings of Paul still echo through the centuries to today’s time.  Paul showed us how to hear and absorb the acts of Christ.  He had no sorrow for what he could not control in his own life.   Peggy shared Paul’s message to overcome our fears and negativity, and let the light of Christ fill our being.

Our call to action was first to continue to pray for the person whose name we pulled from a basket last week, and secondly to reflect on how it is with your soul and your personal walk with God in life.

Peggy is planning a small group Methodist Class meeting, possibly zoom or in-person, in October. More information forthcoming. 

Enjoy these last glorious early fall days!