Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

10-13-21 Article

Marilyn and Gene James serve Elly Stempien communion during World-Wide Communion Service on October 3rd.

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

Thank you to Babs Steinert who took the helm this past Sunday, and introduced us to the writings and letter from Paul to Philemon, in Philemon 1-25.  Babs started by relating memories of a personal treasured letter she has kept-from Ft. Lewis, Washington, touching and rereading its pages, aged by time.  In these days of internet messages and texting, some of the art of letter writing and keeping those treasured memories has nearly been lost.  A written letter provides to you something in your hand to read again and again.  The content and handwriting remain so familiar.

Paul wrote to Philemon, a church leader, while Paul was still exiled in a Roman jail.  Paul’s letter was about brotherhood, discipleship, love and forgiveness.  Philemon had a church, a large house, and also was a slave owner.  Paul was in a dark place and wanted to make a bad situation better.  He felt that whatever one did should be in the name of Jesus.  One should serve the Lord, not man.  Paul felt obligated to send back a person, and sent Onesimus, likely a run-away slave belonging to Philemon.  Onesimus had become a follower and helper to Paul, after meeting Christ.  When becoming a Christian, Onesimus lived up to his name of useful, profitable and beneficial.  Paul himself also wanted to visit Philemon when and if he was released from prison. 

Babs reminded us that October 16th is Stewardship Sunday.  Please return your pledge cards for the coming year if you have not already done so.

Sincere condolences to our Trish DeMontfort on the recent passing of her father.